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Focus Post: Hustle Vs. Passion

What will you do for the LOVE, of what you LOVE?  It was a time in my life where I would ask myself this question. I never had a problem finding ways to make money, but I always wondered what would I do “for the love”. I found it when I picked up my camera.  I can remember the first gig I did and got paid.  It was awkward.  I didn’t really know how to take the money LOL.  I felt like they were giving me the opportunity to practice something that I love, so I wasn’t looking for money… just an opportunity.  In life, there are two things you have…that’s passion and hustle.  Some people use both, others use only one.  But both will get you to what you’re dreaming of, if you put 100 percent towards your dream.  But passion is where  the love really is.  You will stay up late night hours working on something that you love.  Not because your trying to make a dollar but because it’s what you love to do.  Practice makes perfect.  Remember that.  A hustle that’s just something you’re good at but, its not really something you love.  Well you love it only because of the benefits of the money.  Passion is something you will do because you love it, whether you get paid from it or if it’s just “for the love”.  Kanye West sat up making beats after beat, not knowing that one day he would be on stage with Jay Z.  It was the passion of  what he loved that took him to where he is today.  For him it wasn’t a hustle it was the passion.  All I’m trying to say is, it’s ok to have a hustle but the passion is where your doing it for the love.


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