An Amazing Touch

Focus Post: On The Road To Riches Part 2

Every road trip is fun.  It starts off with a few pit stops.  Gas stations are usually the first, then right across the street is the McDonald’s LOL.  When you enter onto the expressway you get an adrenaline rush.  You get a feeling like “I’m about to see something different besides the normal scenery”. The further you get away, the more you get excited.  Along the way you have to stop.  Maybe to get gas, food or even to stretch.  Ok let me get to the point.  In life you have a dream, and that dream sometimes will take you on a road trip.  Along the way to making that dream come true there comes a few exits.  More than one.  These exits can be used to stop, take a break or even get a few hours of rest.  But never use them to turn around and go back.  If you turn around, you will end up going right back to where you were before you started this road trip. Back to square one.  Life is short make sure you make it to your destination. Touch!

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